Power Tech Power Pac APU Idle Reduction System

APU|Single Phase|Diesel|5 KW

Part #:powertech-power-pac-apu-auxiliary-power-unit

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With Power Tech’s 17+ years of generator technology advancement, combined with Dometic’s 45+ year heritage in rugged HVAC technology you won’t be left stranded years down the road. Together Power Tech and Dometic® have teamed up to give you an Idling Solution that Minimizes installation time, Is Fuel Efficient, Rugged enough for the Open Road, Provides all the comfort and conveniences you need, Reduces Idle time, Increases Profits, Complies with Federal Law, Meets Emission Regulations Is Serviceable Nationwide, and Has Been Field Tested Under Rigorous Conditions.

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  • The complete system can be installed in a Minimum amount of time.
  • No Part of the system Interferes with the performance of the truck components.
  • 500 hour service intervals to match truck service intervals.
  • Average fuel consumption is less than 1 quart per hour of operation.
  • Pre-charged Refrigerant Lines and Condensers.
  • Digitally Controlled Thermostat
  • Simple Single Touch Controls with Condition Indicators located inside the cab for added convenience of operator.

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  • 5 Kilowatts-42 AMPS of Prime Electrical Power 65 AMPS of Surge Power
  • 60 AMPS of Battery Charging DC Power
  • Air-Conditioning and Heating
  • 120-Volts of "Household" Power to run Accessories (TV, DVD, Coffee Maker, Refrigerator)
  • 12-Volts of "Automotive" Power to Charge Batteries, Cell Phones, and Power Marker Lights
  • Fuel Savings
  • Reduced Driver Fatigue
Heavy-Duty Trucking Enviornment.

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